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Company A-2

First Row: F. Abt, T. Fiser, K. Danaher.

Second Row: J. Hug, R. Johnson-Ohla, P. Brewster, C. Byrne, F. DiDomenico, M. Briggs-Hall, M. McCall, D. Parrinello, S. Harnois, D. Lute, E. Neilsen.

Third Row: N. Kolar, J. Redington, G. Ellison.

Fourth Row: M. Dunaiski, A. Tomson, J. Swanson, C. Smith, K. Wilson.

Alpha Duce -- lightly, politely, and all nightly. When '75 entered we saw the sun set on Uncle Wayne -- wondering where it went, and it dawned on us, ther would be a more challenging world ahead. Yeah -- it was "Tuffy." The waning darkness between sunrise and sunset was an almost forgotten plebe year -- yet teamwork helped win the Sup's recognition and forged a kinship which the next three years, "tuff" as they were, could not tear asunder. Dana . . . loved his mexican food, sure made him turn red, Ranger Abt always used tact, a mouth of sugar, Briggs -- wake up! Snug, Hatchet, Bear, turn him sideways and he ain't there! Brew, a real cowboy, Elly, faster than Western Union, more powerful than women, able to swim great lengths with a single stroke, Fize and Ohio State, still sleeping at attention, Dido and Wop saw to it the company was well protected, "wanna buy a pizza," what more can you say about Ski, he said it all, Hey, Horrible, what's that about your dog? Smitty, computer cards, hell reports, and that short blonde belligent, JU(RR)², with a name like that you gotta at least make snuffy, Neese, shake, rattle, and roll, Willy (AWPC), cards and pool, hustling to June, Lover Tomson, what a rebound, Byrne Ball, comb it the other way after a shower, Nick loved things with stripes, candy canes, barber poles, Ray always cheery, woolen underwear in May, St. Olaf's, Flute, Hoosier and B-ball, Marymount parties, Touarisch, probably premier in ten years, Swanny, hang it on the wall, Top; loved his job! Maj. and Mrs. Tuffy, hand salute, short trou, beer and tacos, and chalupas. Four years is a long time and only two-thirds made it, couldn't be a greater bunch of guys, see ya all at Homecoming zoos!