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Company E-1

First Row: M. Vane, R. Dace, W. Troy, R. Lineburg.

Second Row: R. Webb, D. Hartung, J. Gardner, S. Moore, E. Anderson.

Third Row: R. Musser, M. Girrard, R. Grossman, D. Bear, I. Bolzak.

Fourth Row: D. Emswiler, P. Pope, R. Ronne, D. Nunaley, R. Caslen, J. Hook, W. Kociscak. Not Pictured: J. Schroedel.

Never before in the history of mankind have so many done so little for so few. In the hour of crisis, we were there first. We were the crisis. They have said that the Class of '75 was indifferent. Nonsense. We set our priorities. We saw the big picture. How many days until graduation?

Despite the difficulties and frustrations of cadet life we developed into mature and confident individuals. We never hesitated to seize the bull by the horns. Tradition does not mean stagnation. How many days until graduation?

We were the finest that America could offer. Stallions. The mere thought of our excellence sends shivers up my spine; my blood boils, my mind staggers. We are a band of brothers. We shall meet our destiny together. Our class was born at Trophy Point in a Tempest. That tempest has entered our souls. It is our spirit. How many days until graduation?

When that glorious day arrives I will thank the fates to stand with my comrades. Our glory will live beyond that day, beyond our lives. This troubled child is proud to be a part of the class of 1975.