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Company H-1

First Row: M. Scoba, K. George, W. Repass, T. Muchmore.

Second Row: R. Henning, D. Coughran, G. Howard, W. Crain, B. Wells, A. Omlie, W. Downes, T. Berens, P. Bonney.

Third Row: M. Killham, T. Ayers, D. Gagliano, D. Cherolis, J. Cain, J. Lockwood, V. Bice, A. Lawson. Not Pictured: M. Smith.

Although the ranks have thinned since that eventful August of 71, you can bet the H-1 Flame will still blaze on and that '75 has left much behind. Our "Scarlet" line starts with Vern, Jimbo, and Craner already retired. Much finally got his stripes and a chance to use his command voice, but poor Omlet never found his. Stars befell many in our bunch but in different ways . . . Tom (nice try) with high hopes from his books . . . Mike from his racket . . . Smitty the Wizard in his dreams . . . and Kenny's two extra semesters. There were many firsts in the Hawgs of '75 . . . Fotch our first Snow Hawg . . . the Greek with his sandwiches (catsup and sugar?) . . . the Wop and Lawton posing as world travelers. Hawgs can be found anywhere . . . Scobes right up the river . . . Dave in his jewelry store . . . Pete in his bag. Leave us not forget the many hobbies of 75 . . . Jeff and his golf (singing also?) . . . Bill and his horn . . . Willy and his weights . . . Tom and his tools . . . Brucy and his Bud . . . Greg and his CE. (he did say he was the only one to make a mistake). Yes, the Hawgs of '75 can look back with great pride on the parties and times. We have suffered together and laughed together. But then again we have something to share which others cannot -- We are all Hawgs. No matter where we go or what we do we can never leave that behind. ROOT HAWG OR DIE!