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Left to Right, First Row: Ms. C. Olsen, LTC F. Kaye, COL W.F. Luebbert, LTC J. A. Durham, MSG W. G. Brown.

Second Row: Ms. S. Yanarella, SP6 G. Coleman, Mr. F. Baldwin.

Third Row: SP4 S. Arthur, Ms. E. Wright, CPT J. D. Chipps, CPT J. E. Newton, MAJ C. A. Scheel, MAJ W. W. Cox, SP6 G. Alford, SP4 M. Carlton.

Fourth Row: SP6 J. Hall, Ms. M. Sullivan, CPT J. E. Florance, CPT C. P. Hernandez, SP6 E. J. Braswell, SP6 B. Runyan.

Fifth Row: SP7 D. Mangam, PFC M. Stokes, Mr. T. Quinn.

Sixth Row: SP7 C. Clement, Mr. D. Casucci, SP5 T. Beegle, SP4 J. Holmes, PFC J. Johnson, SP5 J. Frey, SP6 H. Rose, MR D. Taylor.