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First Row, Left to Right: Mr. T. Russell, Miss I. Feith, Mr. S. Tozeski, Miss E. Connolly, Mr. M. Ridgeway, Mrs. A. Ponton, Mr. E. Weiss, Mrs. S. Moran, Mr. W. Keith, Mr. A. Dunham, Mr. R. Schnare.

Second Row, Left to Right: Mr. J. Kelleher, Miss E. Dunn, Mrs. A. Vanacore, Mrs. C. Mottola, Miss C. Snyder, Miss G. Hankin, Miss A. French, Mr. N. Battipaglia, Jr., Mrs. P. Morey.

Third Row, Left to Right: Mrs. D. Lord, Miss M. Vecchio, Mrs. J. Murphy, Miss J. Pidala, Miss S. Lemke, Mrs. J. de Onis, Miss S. Hersing, Miss M. Holowecki.

Fourth Row, Left to Right: Mrs. R. Hanretta, Mrs. D. Donnery, Mrs. M. Magee, Mrs. E. Lewis, Mr. K. Rapp, Mr. A. Aimone, Mrs. R. Donato.

Fifth Row, Left to Right: Mrs. M. Capps, Mr. A. Hough, Miss S. Wilbur, Mr. J. Barth, Mrs. M. Felizzi, Miss M. Earl, Miss A. Pierce. Not Pictured: Mr. R. Alvord, Mr. J. Garland, Mr. R. Jones, Mr. E. Linzsey, Mr. D. Scarano, Mr. W. Winfield, Jr., Mr. C. Yonnone, Mr. N. Battipaglia, Sr., Mr. J. Gallagher, Mrs. G. Kirby, Mrs. G. Patino, Mrs. I. Spatola, Mrs. H. Monroe, Miss R. Robischon, Mrs. M. Smith, Mrs. L. Thompson, Miss A. Harlow, Mrs. C. Kinsman, Mr. P. Lee, Mr. A. Gableman.