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Company H-2

First Row: P. Findlay, M. Keller, J. Picart, R. Doran, M. Novara, K. Gaylor, E. Mazzoli, S. Lord.

Second Row: J. McFarland, T. St Onge, J. Rigsby, J. Klepich, R. Boyko, P. Salmon, C. Walls, G. Murby.

Third Row: M. Burington, R. Showers, C. Beaudry, L. Heddleston, R. Freeman, R. Groves, T. Byce.

For 4 years, '75 did their utmost to maintain the image of the happy company. Undisputed regimental boat race champs led by Findles the Sponge and Salmon the Fish; H could play football too as the grunt brothers Beaser and Stonge demonstrated in their pursuit of the brigade championship. Wally had trouble deciding between a wife or a mistress, but others like Jose, Bobko, and the Klap were locked into the program early on (the old gold ring in the nose). In four years' time, Novo and Freebie reenacted every battle and campaign from the time of Cain and Abel. Groovy, evading guard for 4 years, managed to run a prosperous taxi service. Chuckles and Head played the roving troubadours while Mazz recorded it all (usually rebroadcasting it on WKDT). The local hatchet man, Rick Doran, was our beardless Abe Lincoln. Burr spent his last year with the golden staff in the sky. Rigs provided front page stories for his hometown newspaper, while Mac set out for his first million, penny by penny. Since that day one, Killer Keller amused us all with his quaint Texan witticisms, (Sir, that's fer spooonin'). The Lord's ultrasonic vibrations were living proof of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. (Kevin said not to write anything about him.) Ralph was suave and debonair (that's what he said, anyway). Gustave, well, he just beat the system . . .