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Company D-2

First Row: D. Taylor, H. Umanos, K. Gordon, G. Hill, D. Campbell, D. Milton.

Second Row: A. Brown, S. Guthrie, A. Harrold, R. Kaplan, L. McCrum.

Third Row: S. Westfall, K. Kasprisin, K. Littlefield.

Fourth Row: N. Reinhardt, E. Garland, J. Algeo, D. Bentley, J. Bonine, J. Kotch, J. Deacon, D. Preast, J. VanKeuren, K. Hunt.

Dear Dad,
Since they are finally ready to let us loose, "the boys" thought you should know our outstanding qualifications. Our cynic rep. Algeo is always looking for that girl next door. Beaner, our token zoomy, always managed to save his money. "N.N.," with his squashed El Camino will surely never miss a bridge game. Niner is great with models whether they be the kind you build or draw. Then of course there is Doug, our resident rebel and "Sun Dance" garland, the Arizona crude with freckles. "Old-Man" Gordy will always be remembered for his "flash" as will Kappy with his easy out as token "king of the Jews." Arlo, the striper chipmunk is always good for a last minute date and AC has guaranteed us all a free bed at Walter Reed. Kung Fu Jerry already has a slot filled as Special Forces recruiter. Chuckles, alias "King Con," will always be labeled the man who got caught -- Always! Kenny Kas, the howling puppy, was always yelling about his coyote or Vette. J.K., alias Patton Ir., has a really cheeky smile to work with. Kemper, the man with the pure grain alcohol liver is always great for "Congraduloncionoces." MacCrum will always be remembered as the lover of foreign woman as will Dave Mjlton for his nose ring. The "Running Prussian" will have to learn how to stop losing records, as D.P. is going to have to stop losing tenths. Ghostman gets the award for four years of "virtuous contemplation" as does Keuroid for his outstanding efforts with rumor control. Then of course there is Gook: the man with the wedding bell blues but no wedding! Last but not least there is "Snogglepuss Westski," the man who really likes to get letters!

Little Napoleon