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Cadets have the opportunity to excel in the open air sports of hunting and fishing through the Outdoorsman Club. The reservation provides vast hunting grounds and many streams, ponds, and lake that are filled with fish just awaiting to be lured. The club makes it easier for cadets to purchase necessary licenses for their sport. The club also helps the cadets in the search of the needed equipment and the areas on the reservation where he will encounter his hunted friend.

Even if West Point vicinity is not the Rockies or the Alps, one may learn climbing, repelling and backpacking through the Mountaineering Club. The club members rapelled at Black Cap and rock climbed at New Pultz. The club also went party climbing as it sponsored displays and sales for equipment. Jean Nash was president and backed up by his vice-president, Jon Lewis. With posts in Colorado and Germany, someday a cadet could use climbing in real mountains.