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Company H-4

First Row: R. Dunn, P. Larson, W. Chalupa, L. Gibbs, R. Harren, T. Fix.

Second Row: S. Mooney, G. Nicholas, F. Mrak, O. Everett.

Third Row: C. Provencher, D. Bentley, J. Cosgrove.

Fourth Row: D. Ashbaugh, H. Barton, F. Williams, J. Jaggers.

Fifth Row: D. Judy, W. Highfill, W. Britton.

Sixth Row: C. Rodriguez, V. Gwiazdowski, R. Tellier, C. Vuckovic, J. Sapienza.

Seventh Row: C. Peddy, S. Read, R. Ratz, R. Busick.

Memories. Changes. Friends. Four years . . . A long strange road . . . Pulling apart, pulling together . . . Memories of Beef, Cpt. Kelvin, "After them, how can the Army hurt us?" . . . Changes - from Huns to Hogs to Super Hogs. From the lost 40's to the lost 50's. From last in intramurals to first . . . Friends -- scenes we can remember -- Tool in the rack, Harren on the Area, Highfill studying, Cos on AI . . . Thoughts of Uncle John, "They're a great bunch of guys, but they just don't care" . . . Yossarian and farmboy Monte -- two we missed . . . Excellence our goal -- never winning a parade, "We may not be able to march but we sure can't stand still either" . . . The Com's own favorite -- "You mean he wrote it all up?!" Keeping up the indifference level -- "Fourth squad fall in" . . . The last of the old corps? -- the Death of the Mess Hall Rally . . . Jaggers and the Suicide Seminar, "Trip section this weekend to the George Washington Bridge . . . The Beer parties, official and unofficial . . . Company Spirit "Go Hogs! Beat the System" . . . The never-ending search for girls -- Hops, Mixers, Snuffy's, Ladycliff, the Mount . . . Engaged and Unengaged . . . Grain at the Ring Hop "Steady now, it's only ice tea" . . . Football 74 -- Home of the 12th man -- "What are the Hogs up to now? Seen any airplanes lately?" . . . Cow year and the things that count -- Flirty, Target Hill, Academics? "You mean nobody did the ASP's? . . . The memories never die . . . The game never ends . . . True friendship lasts . . . The Hogs stick together.