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Company G-4

First Row: J. Hicks, J. Davis, A. Fine, J. Benn, G. Cauley, S. Wilhelm, D. Clark.

Second Row: K. Cailteux, R. Smith, S. Powell, J. Yocum, K. Huber.

Third Row: H. Evans, M. Means, L. Ghormley, C. Hardy.

Fourth Row: J. Barget, J. Detrove, D. Loeschner, J. Taylor, S. Bellene, G. Sanford, R. Hoefert.

Not Pictured: P. Ramsberger.

Molded in their formative years by the likes of the "Z" and "Smilin' Frank," the Guppies managed to slip through the next three years without a major mishap save for the famous "G-4 Ghost" that brought our beloved company to national prominence. Included among these 24 young studs were two snuffy captains, JIM and JOE, who were later joined by a third, good ol' TOAD. In the uncharted depths of the paddleball courts, one could find the Tunas, led by the head TUNA and backed by GHORMBALL, J.D., and SMITTY. YUK-YUK was usually sighted in the swimming pool while WEESH could surely be found working hard on the judo mats. We had BURGER, our Brigade Breeder; DESTROYER, our resident Clint Eastwood; and HARDDOG, the everpresent Cat Stevens prodigy. HOOVER and RICK represented the Guppies on the "Fields of friendly strife" on the baseball mound and in the soccer goal. Even in the darkest of gloom periods JIMBO and KLACK could always be counted on to put in an encouraging word. PUNCHY and GEORGE, staunch advocates of the maxim, "a tenth pro is a tenth wasted," were especially fond of OPE. CHEW and the PEACH remained undaunted as FLEX told story after tall story. LITTLE WEESH excelled so much that he earned himself the title -- "ORGO MAN". Undoubtedly, the grayest Guppy was GRAYDOG. However, who among us had higher ambitions than to be an INTERGALLACTIC SPACE COMMANDER???