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Company D-4

First Row: J. Ferrara, F. Caputo, M. Colotti, D. Green, D. Mooney.

Second Row: D. Kelley, S. Johnson.

Third Row: J. Mode, J. Wasiak, B. Quirk, L. Smith, G. Bishop, D. Alexander.

Fourth Row: R. Richard, L. Kovar, C. Edwards, M. Genetti.

Fifth Row: J. Nash, L. Jordan, M. Oscar, D. Pevoski.

Not Pictured: B. Harris, D. Heine, S. Townes.

We entered West Point amidst the flash of lightning and the roar of thunder, symbols of the challenges which we were to encounter throughout our four years as cadets. Those four years were made bearable through the insanity of the party spirit which carried us through the gray of the gloom, the knife point of LES, and the sleepless nights of TEE'S. During those four years the metamorphosis of 24 individuals into a single group with an undefeatable spirit was our answer to all challenges. The 1975 class of Delta Quad possessed a union of friendship that surprised us all.

Plebe year will be remembered for its Saturday mornings spent in the library, the wet, wet victory over Navy and the first snow a-la-mode. Yearling year found us as the happy wanderers -- each going his own way. This was the year that we lost a few. The remainder were growing steadily stronger. Cow year was our year to regroup and reorganize. Bear Mountain Inn saw us as a group on 500th night and Camelot learned the "Bump" during Ring Weekend. Our last year has been the culmination of a steady unification of spirit. Coffee call removed the pain of day-to-day routine, and Saturday Buffets found us removing all the pain. The quotes that stood for Delta Quad were: "If you ain't tap dancing!", "Typically Nasty Weather", "Who do?", "You Do!", "Lou who!", "That's life", "Oh Baby. Oh Wow.", "A wed, wed nose", "Turkey of the Week is . . . "In conclusion it was parties, parties, parties. "It's twue, it's twue," that this was the Quad: Alex, Chief, Paisan (little wop), Caputs, Claybird, Moondog, Polack (Pevosk)(ski) Waz, Fraz (PJ), Genets (Big Wop), Green Jeans (Greener), Hooker, Heindog, Gnasher (Ranger Jeanluck and Poor Devil), CC Quirk, Scottie (Mr. Bad), Lance, Lord Kelley (amigo), The Shoe (Kojak), Modo, "O", Virge, Smitty, Steven Delta Townes.